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About Me

Meet your fitness trainer

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Hi, my name is Marie I am a Level 3 NASM certified personal trainer specialising in Group personal training, and the founder of The Stars Fitness.

Ever since I was at school I have had an interest in health and fitness, having studied both P.E and Home Economics and taking part in all sports with particular interest in Netball and Athletics. As time went by and getting older activities lapsed, as they do, so it wasn't until after having my 2nd child and my weight having increased quite considerably I decided it was time to do something about it. It took some time as these things do, I had to change my eating habits, eating what I wanted clearly was not the way to go, it takes it's toll through time. I lost nearly 2 stone, improved my strength, gained Abs and most importantly gained my confidence back. It was through this process that I rediscovered my passion for health and fitness and wanted to help fellow women do the same. 

My aim is to encourage positive changes in women's lives so that they have the power to lose weight and fight their inner demons and to do this in a none intimidating environment where they can feel comfortable without judgement and with guidance that will help them reach their goals. 

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