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Need to Know

How are you different from a regular gym trainer?

We do not run our sessions in a generic gym environment with large intimidating equipment. We like to keep things simple with functional exercises using bodyweight and equipment such as  Dumbbells, kettlebells, slam balls, resistance bands and a few other pieces that are easily transportable for us. That is not to say that simple is easy, it will still challenge and test your limits and you'll come away having built up a sweat and feeling great.

How many sessions a week do you recommend?

I recommend doing 2-3 sessions per week working the whole body. Our sessions are built with this in mind. Can't make it to more than one in person session a week, no problem you have the option to mix them with online sessions to make it up if you wish.

How many people do you have in your group sessions?

Our Max capacity is and will always be 10 participants.

Do you charge extra for nutritional guidance and a diet plan?

Yes, we do charge extra for nutritional guidance. This is set up per individual needs and along side your fitness sessions in a package. It is not a requirement for everyone, more of a personal preference as to whether it's something you want support with to better your results. Package prices are determined by your needs. It is however against our scope of practice to design a specific diet plan, that is more for a nutritionist to determine, we will support you with general healthy balanced food options per your dietary requirements.

What types of home fitness equipment do you recommend?

There are various items available to use for home fitness. My recommendation is to definitely start with a set of Dumbbells and aim for a higher weight for lower body exercises than you would use for upper body exercises as there are larger muscle groups in the lower part of the body. The next items I suggest you have in your inventory is resistance bands, these are very versatile light weight pieces of equipment that don't take up much space at home. 
Both of these pieces of equipment are what we would predominantly use during our online sessions, so definitely great to have in your arsenal if joining us for those.

What size weights do you recommend?

The amount of weight you use is dependent on individual needs and how long you have been training. I generally advice you start with 2-3 kg for upper body and see how you get on, you may find you need a heavier or lighter weight depending on the exercise you are performing. Same rule applies for lower body exercises however start with a higher weight such as 5-6kg. You'll know you have the right weight for yourself if the last few reps are challenging.

Why are your payments on a monthly basis

We do it this way as we believe it is the best way for you to stay committed and better chance to reach your goals. 

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